The Wanted Emcees

Years 1987-Present
Members CD
(Christopher Potts)

MC Mitch Freeze
(Mitchell Mandel)

(Ted Shreve)
Production, DJ, Vocals
Discography KrakrJak

Christopher David, the Caucasian Devastation, CD was born in 1969 and was raised in the mid-west. Chris was exposed to performance theater at a very early age and music and drama became a part of his life from childhood. He became a student of magic and mystery as a child and started performing professionally as a world class magician as a teenager. he would later come to hold several magic awards and become a published author of several magic instructional material. Music influences were the early rock gods of the 70's and 80's with the likes of ZZ TOP and KISS (who inspire every one to put on a better show). Then came hip-hop and rap. Run DMC hit the scene and soon after Chris found himself standing in a line at Streetside Records to be one of the first to own a copy of LL Cool J's Bigger and Deffer. CD and his friend Mitch Freeze would rehearse the songs and learn every word. It was during this time in the late 80's the CD and Freeze began to write their first lyrics and rhyme over the instrumentals that came from the b-side of rap singles.

Chris found himself in College and became a trained actor with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Performance. A skill that also served him well as The Wanted came to be. CD and Freeze found DJ KMT and finally had someone to help create original music to go with the mountain of lyrics that seemed to be a non stop flow from the talented MC.

With the formation of The WANTED, CD and Freeze found no end of college students who were hungry for new and exciting rap. At the time, there wasn't much out there, and music stores didn't have a "hip-hop/rap" section. CD used his knowledge and experience of stage and theater to create a "show" whenever The Wanted performed. Success was inevitable.

Into the 90's CD continued to perform as a professional magician and teacher of magic and sleight of hand, as well as creating new and original music Mitch Freeze and KMT. The WANTED released their first single KrackerJack to much success in and around the St. Louis and mid-west underground hip hop scene. later this would lead to IT'S ON, the debut album from the WANTED on Chained Duck Records.

The 3 members of the WANTED have had ups and downs, success and failures; but through it all the dedication to the music they love has held together a friendship and family atmosphere that everyone strives for.

Today the WANTED have found new life in the making of the music they love. There is a whole new audience that is yearning for, what is now considered, old school rap. Now, the music is fresh again and the energy and swagger is back.

CD has continued to perform and work in and around the mid-west and is always ready to give a rapid flow when ever there is a funky beat that needs a rhyme.

The His-story of the Wanted Emcees isn't over.....
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